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No. 8 interiors are driven by attention to detail, specialist finishes and a dedication to using quality materials, all to achieve the highest standard of design.

Elegance exudes from our interior design projects as our expert integration of all elements of your interiors and the use of top quality materials come together as one for a truly exquisite result.

Our aim is to make the most of the space available within your home and our projects are designed to maximise interior space and improve the way you use the space in your home.

Our vision is understated luxury, our perfectionist approach ensures every finish is seamless.

Our interior design captures the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.

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Case study

withnell fold

A full interior design project completed with a view to maximise the space and flow of our client’s home. The new walkways made a spacious transition between rooms, whilst the designs of each area were different with a view for each room to compliment the design of the others.

Our new interior has maximised the use of space in our home, the design flows perfectly from room to room for a spacious and light feel.

The detail

This full interior design project saw a hand painted kitchen, bespoke wall paneled bathroom and interior rooms, all brought together with solid oak flooring, feature alcoves throughout, walkways, spindle handrails and lighting.

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